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8051. Write a 2–3 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) using the following criteria.  a. Write a brief introduction of the topic and explain why it is important to mental health nursing. NR326 Mental Health Nursing NR320-326 Mental Health Nursing NR320-326 RUA Scholarly Article Review V2 11/06/2018 CS/el  b. Cite statistics to support the significance of the topic.  c. Summarize the article; include key points or findings of the article. d. Discuss how you could use the information for your practice; give specific examples.  e. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the article.  f. Discuss whether you would recommend the article to other colleagues.  g. Write a conclusion.  4. Paper must follow APA format. Include a title page and a reference page; use 12?point Times Roman font; and include in?text citations (use citations whenever paraphrasing, using statistics or quoting from the article)  I have included the instructions as well as the article.



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