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8050.   Write an obituary (you can use yourself or make up a person) You might feel a little intimidated writing your own obit, and you would not be alone, writing about oneself is hard Think of it as a final letter you’re writing to your family and friends What would you want written about you after your gone – make sure they’re remembering you the way you want to be remembered. Write the story of your life – figure out how you want to live your life What do you want your obituary to say about you and your life Be creative Mix seriousness with humor Include: Name and any nicknames you were called Age Dates (birthday / day of death and dates of any life changing events) Cause of death List of loved ones (spouse, children, other family members, friends) Details: education, work/occupation, degrees and/or awards, volunteering , military service Hobbies or special interest, trips Funeral arrangements Positivity: inspire and encourage others, send farewell to family and friends



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