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8022.   Legal and Ethical Issues of Advanced Practice Nursing – Week 1 Assignment Organizational Alignment with the ANA Code of Ethics As an advanced practice nurse, you are responsible for the American Nurses’ Association 2015 Revised Code of Ethics interpretation along with your organization’s values and professional standards. Question the alignment of your healthcare organization’s nursing philosophy and core values with the nine provisions in the ANA’s 2015 Revised Code of Ethics. 1.  Discuss how your organization addresses the nine provisions. 2.  Choose areas for improvement or deficiency that your organization can address. This assignment will be 4-5 page APA formatted paper and include a minimum of 2-3 references and 2-3 citations from peer-reviewed articles published within the last five years, and/or organizational websites. Remember to stay within the page requirement by keeping your work succinct. NOTE-CODE OF ETHICS CAN BE VIEWED AT www.nursingworld.org/coe



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