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8014.   What are the ethical issues surrounding this study at the beginning and when the decision was made to terminate the study? When you discuss the ethical issues of the STEP study think in terms of the four major Principles of Ethics which are listed below: Respect for Persons (autonomy) Beneficence, Nonmaleficence and Justice Please refer to your textbook for information about The Belmont Report and about these principles. Please also refer below where I have provided a link to more information about the four major Principles of Ethics. Please remember to write a response that is specific to context of the scenario presented (i.e. in terms of The STEP Study).  Use your research to inform your discussion.  Regards, Dr. Chodaesessie Irene Morgan Reply to ThreadFilter by:All Posts|Clear filtersShow:Threaded Newest First Oldest First Author First Name A-Z Author First Name Z-A Author Last Name A-Z Author Last Name Z-A Subject A-Z Subject Z-A Attachments First There ar 



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