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600.   Need a reply 1 Amy Simons is an aunt to my mum. Amy passed on May 31, 2020, while surrounded by all her family members after a long fight with colon cancer; she was 48. On December 21, 1972, Amy Simons was born in Redbone, Alabama, to the late Hadley and Pauline Simons. According to the story I was told by my mum, Amy was a wonderful and selfless person. She was the third child of four after Christine Simons, Reuben Simons, and her older sister to Raphael. The majority of her childhood and teenage years were in Alabama before relocating to New York for her college education at New York University. During her term in the school, she met Joshua, whom they bore their first child Fredrick in 1990. She deferred for one year before resuming and completing her Human Resource Management degree. They got married in 1991, after which they relocated back to Huntsville, Alabama. They opened a bakery in 1993 and were well known by the local community. She gave birth to her second child Diana in 1995; during this period, she began complaining about stomach discomfort. The medical assessment resulted in her having an operation that corrected the issue. In 1999, the Simons family relocated out to Redstone, Alabama, where they resided until Joshua’s premature death in 2016.             After his death, she developed complications that were unidentified by numerous physicians. However, after consulting an oncologist in 2018, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent various sessions of chemotherapy and radiation therapy that extended her life. The affected parts of her colon were surgically removed, allowing her to recover without issue. However, cancer reemerged more aggressively; she died in hospital due to complications caused by the COVID-19 virus. Though her final months were trying and difficult, she maintained a positive attitude recognized by most community members who knew her. The notion was also shared by her doctors, who stated that she never complained and was always optimistic. Similar notions are expressed by the local law enforcement agents who were her close friends. Her baking skills further made her more popular, with the local police department being her primary market.             Amy was a driven and steadfast mother and member of the Redstone community. Her actions were focused on ensuring her children had all their requirements before focusing on others. Her role as the local “mum” made the locals cherish her personality. Her baking skills intrigued and captivated people from various counties and states. With her demise, she leaves behind two children and five grandchildren. Fredrick Simons is aged 31 years, with three children: Jackeline Simons, Chloe Simons, and Ryan Simons. Her daughter Diana aged 26, is married to Geoffrey Green with two children Brenda Green and Brian Green.             Amy’s main objective was to make her children and community happy; therefore, in memory of her desire, her bakery will host a commemorable event after the pandemic in remembrance of her life. The Redstone community is invited to her funeral ceremony with her children offering the main speeches. She lived an extraordinary life, and it would be appropriate to appreciate her effort and struggles. Need a reply 2   Made up person- David Wood It is with modest approval of God’s determination that we proclaim the elevation to the glory of one of our cherished David Wood, popularly known as “the Tiger.” The Tiger man was one of the most talented songwriters who also had other abilities to play guitar. This made him have exceptional skills of performing at various concerts performed by artists who he had written songs for them. David’s inception is traced back to his birthplace, Queens, new yoke city, in the early 1940s until this time when he has left us. Unlike any other young person, David, at the tender age of 9 years, he was already attracting much attention and scholarships from society for being an outstanding guitar player and influential songwriter. His skills made him be involved in many musical competitions that made him win several trophies for being the youngest songwriter and guitarist in the whole community. His glory or breakthrough moment was when he was a nominee in the Grammy awards and won two trophies for being the best songwriter and youngest guitarist in the late 1970s that was the trending and only achievement at their time. This made his fans happier, and for this exceptional young person, he went decided to retire from playing the guitar having his dreams accomplished. Academically David Wood was never left behind. He was an icon of academic excellence beginning from general education to university education. The tiger was a genius in a way by the way he managed to score significant grades, which saw him through university as a music student who then advanced his skills, and studies that made him achieve his masters in the late 1960s and became among the greatest songwriters in New York City. As the trending says, knowledge shared is knowledge gain; David attended many music concerts and events, influencing many upcoming musicians, changing their lives, and giving them more hopes in achieving their career dreams by sharing with them his knowledge about the music industry. Furthermore, David Wood inspired many individuals in society by his firm faith in God. He was a servant of God apart from his usual call to duty as a songwriter. Through significant enthusiasm and humor, David led his fellow Christians to service until the early 2015s when his old age started to creep, and ailments took the glory of him. However, what makes David Wood to be remembered is his dedication to helping the upcoming artists and participating in many charity programs geared towards helping the widows and the fatherless children in New York City. This was observed through the charity activities he did, the trophies that he won dedicated them towards helping the less fortunate, and his motive to live with fatherless children. Besides, David did assist the rejected part of the community in sending a message to others about the service of God to the people. Apart from being a songwriter and playing guitar, David used his skills to spread the gospel in the community, which helped the government leaders solve social issues that Queens was facing. That is how he was able to impart knowledge to as many individuals as he could. The late David leaves behind a beautiful family with two grandchildren and the beloved partner/wife now widowed. David Wood will be laid to rest where he was born in this week. The church will oversee David’s funeral, and friends, relatives, and well-wishers will be allowed to the funeral to pay their last respects. David has left the big gap but may his soul rest in eternal peace, and the way to remember his legacy is by having a foundation named after his name to continue with his charity work.   



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