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1769. Module 2 – Case DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Case Assignment This is a three-part assignment related to a study of contraceptive drug use among women. Table2A is a distribution of systolic blood pressures cross tabulated by age and pill use for women. Table 2A. Distribution of systolic blood pressure, cross-tabulated by age and pill use. Blood Pressure (mm) Age 35-44 Non-Users Users % % Under 90 1 1 91-95 2 1 96-100 5 4 101-105 9 5 106-110 11 7 111-115 15 12 116-120 16 14 121-125 9 11 126-130 10 11 131-135 8 10 136-140 5 7 141-145 4 6 146-150 2 5 151-155 1 3 156-160 1 1 160 and over 1 2 Total Percent 100 100 Total Number 3,494 1,028 First, state whether blood pressure in Table 2A would be a continuous variable or a discrete variable. Explain. Then supposing that the number of women in each of groups (non-users and users) were identified, would the number of women in each category be a continuous variable or a discrete variable? Explain. Part 2: Use any free online histogram maker* to draw histograms for the blood pressures of the users and nonusers ages 35–44. Discuss one conclusion that can be made about blood pressure and pill use. *Here are some free resources:  http://www.zweigmedia.com/RealWorld/stats/histogram.html Part 3: Based on what you’ve learned in this module about normal distributions, explain why a normal approximation of data would be helpful to view the data. For example, you could describe the steps that one would take to estimate the percentage of women with blood pressures in an age group. Assignment Expectations Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric that is linked within the course. Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Rubric Name: BSHS Case Performance Assessment Rubric J16 CriteriaLevel 5 – ExcellentLevel 4 – ProficientLevel 3 – DevelopingLevel 2 – ImprovingLevel 1 – EmergingTimeliness5 points Demonstrate excellence by submitting assignment on or before due date. 4 points Submitted 1–2 days late. 2 points Submitted 3–4 days late. 0 points Submitted more than 4 days late. 0 points Submitted more than 4 days late. Assignment-driven Criteria17 points Demonstrate excellence in covering all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way.  12 points 11 points 10 points 8 points Critical Thinking13 points Demonstrate excellence in understanding and interpreting the issue. Use relevant, factual information to support statements. Develop concepts in a manner that shows full comprehension of the issue. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate viewpoints of others. Present logical conclusions and outcomes (consequences and implications) with appropriate rationale. 12 points 11 points 10 points 7 points Scholarly Writing10 points Demonstrate excellence in scholarly writing by using credible scholarly and professional information sources to support ideas and convey understanding. Use proper in-text citation(s) and a properly formatted reference list as required. Use headings and subheadings to organize the paper. Proofread carefully. 8 points 7 points 6 points 5 points Professionalism5 points Demonstrate excellence by taking responsibility for learning. Adhere to course requirements, policies, and expectations. Address the assignment in a manner that is appropriate for a health professional in a multidisciplinary context. 4 points 3 points 2 points 0 points Overall ScoreLevel 5 45 or moreLevel 4 40 or moreLevel 3 35 or moreLevel 2 30 or moreLevel 1 0 or moreClose



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