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1706. Family Experience Reflection Initial Submission Part I  Family Experience Reflection (This is done in two parts to capture your current thinking about families and then to reflect upon how your thinking has advanced because of your course experiences) The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the role of the nurse when caring for patients and their families. Analyze and Reflect on your current nursing practice (The practice experiences you had prior to taking this class and not the family you are conducting weekly visits) and the relationship or importance of nursing care of families.   In the second part of the assignment you will analyze and reflect on what you have learned about nursing care of families after taking this class.  You will compare your current practice setting and think about how in your future practice as a professional nurse you will change and how you will adapt your practice based upon your understanding of nursing care of the family. Analyze and reflect upon the following questions.  Part I Describe your current practice setting (practice setting/experiences you had prior to taking this class) How have you viewed the place of family in your current practice setting? Provide an example of a family interaction prior to taking this course. Key expectations of this paper: Length: 1 to 1 ½ pages.  APA format is required.  See guidelines below. ONE point will be deducted for every error. Assure you have an introductory paragraph and closing paragraph Assure you provide references.  Use of first person, “I” is acceptable in this paper You will use part of this paper as part of your final reflection in Part II. The rubric below is the expected content for this paper.  You will incorporate this information into your final paper which is graded. Grading Criteria Fully Meets Requirements Partially Meets Requirements  Minimal to Unacceptable  Description of practice setting (30 pts) The practice setting is fully described. 30 Points  The practice setting is partially described. 5 – 29 points  The practice setting is minimally described. 0 – 4 Points  Current view of the family in the practice setting (30 pts) The current perspective of the family is clearly stated 30 Points The current perspective of the family is partially stated 5 – 29 points The current perspective of the family is minimally stated 0-4 points  Exemplar of family interaction (30 pts) The family exemplar is clearly stated and provides full evidence of family interaction 30 Points  The family exemplar is partially stated and provides partial evidence of family interaction 5 – 29 points The family exemplar is unclear and provides little evidence of family interaction 0—4 points Scholarly Writing (10 pts) APA format including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.  Please note: ONE point will be deducted for every error.  There are few errors noted. 10 Points Several errors noted 5-9 Points  Multiple errors noted 0-4 Points Total Achievable Points 100 GUIDELINES FOR ALL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS All papers must be typed and double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides. Papers must have a cover page. Papers should follow APA format. Use 12-point font. Include your name on a cover page and page numbers in the header. Always explicitly cite your sources, parenthetically and in the reference page. Citations should follow APA format. Citing your sources is a way of demonstrating from where and how you came to know something. Proofread all written work. Finished products should be spell-checked and grammatically correct.



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