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1154. Project: Developing a Strategic Plan   Strategic planning involves reciprocity of analysis and action. Over the previous weeks of this course, you have been examining foundational elements of the strategic planning process. As you move forward, you will apply these concepts to the development of a strategic plan.   Through the Course Project, you will identify an unmet need within a group, unit, or organization and develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address the need. You will develop your project over the next several weeks, culminating in Last week.   Note: Your complete project will serve as your Portfolio Assignment for this course.   To prepare for the upcoming work on this project: Review the Course Project Overview in this week’s Learning Resources to become familiar with the project components and due dates.   Reflect on the trends addressed in this week’s Discussion. Think about which of these trends, or any additional ones, stand out as being particularly relevant to your own interests and the professional contributions you would like to make now and in the future.   Think about how one or more of these trends relates to an unmet need evident in a specific group, unit, or organization. For example, you might choose the unit in which you currently work or a professional association to which you belong.   Consider how you could address this unmet need through strategic planning. What is your vision and goal(s)? Begin to analyze historical data and engage in forecasting to investigate opportunities for change.     Course Project: Developing a Strategic Plan   Section 1: Summary of the Issue   To prepare for and set the stage for your Course Project, this week you begin to develop a summary of the issue you will address through the creation of a strategic plan. You may wish to review the Course Project Overview, which outlines the project components and due dates.   To prepare:   Consider the information on strategic planning presented by Dr. Huston in this week’s media program, as well as in the other Learning Resources.   Reflect on the unmet need you identified in this week’s Discussion, and consider any feedback you have received to your posting from your Instructor and colleagues. If appropriate, refine your focus to clarify the unmet need. In addition to the steps you took in preparation for the Discussion, proceed as follows: Investigate the background related to this unmet need. What conditions have contributed to this situation? Is there data (beyond what you identified for the Discussion) that should be examined?   Conduct research to assess what has been attempted in the past, by various individuals or organizations, to address this unmet need.   Think about any broader issues that should be examined to better understand this unmet need. For instance, consider economic, political, and/or social considerations.   Begin to draft your 2- to 3-page summary of the Issue (which will be submitted next week). In your summary, identify and/or describe: The unmet need and how it is evident in the specific group, unit, or organization The mission, vision, and values of the group, unit, or organization Background, including: Data from historical analysis and forecasting Evidence from the literature What has been attempted in the past by various individuals and groups to address this need Which stakeholders should be included in the strategic planning process Initial vision for addressing this need at the organizational or systems level, including at least one strategic goal Broader issues to be considered Section 2: SWOT Analysis   Conducting a SWOT analysis can have tremendous value in preparing for planned change.   To prepare:   Conduct a SWOT analysis for your Course Project, incorporating any insights you have gained from this week’s Discussion. Identify two strengths, two weaknesses, two opportunities, and two threats that warrant attention relative to the identified unmet need. Reflect on how you distinguished between weaknesses and threats and consider whether the threats or weaknesses also pose opportunities. To complete:   Write a 2- to 3-page summary that conveys the results of your SWOT analysis. Include: Two strengths Two weaknesses Two opportunities Two threats An explanation of whether the threats or weaknesses also pose opportunities So, in nutshell you need to submit,   Submit: Section 1: Summary of the Issue (2–3 pages) Section 2: SWOT Analysis (2–3 pages)   Please use the Refetrences from the week 5 6 and 7 Discussion Posts. Minimum of 4 references in each section papers. Just to summarize, there are two papers to be submitted, section 1 and section 2. These are part of project that will be the final submission as a portfolio assignemnt.



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