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1035. Quiz Instructions Flag question: Question 1Question 15 ptsWhich of the following are factors contributing to the disparities faced by groups of people in maintaining good health? Group of answer choicesA. One’s hourly wage rateB. Being too young to voteC. Being a member of the LGBTQ communityD. Raising 40 acres of wheat but no livestockE. All of the itemsF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 2Question 25 ptsWhy is it necessary for a geographic location to be recognized as a Medically Underserved Area? (Choose all that apply)Group of answer choicesA. For the increase in food stamp allotmentsB. For the update in unemployment insuranceC. For the placement of health professionals from the federal governmentD. For the expansion of disaster reliefE. For the location of community health centersF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 3Question 35 ptsWhich are not considered an example of a social determinant of health (SDOH)? Group of answer choicesA. Unsafe neighborhoods and transportationB. PollutionC. IlliteracyD. Income instabilityE. All of the itemsF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 4Question 45 ptsWhat is meant by “advancing health equity?” Group of answer choicesA. Improving income equalityB. Decreasing health premiumsC. Expanding access and utilization of servicesD. Eliminating or diminishing disparitiesE. All of the itemsF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 5Question 55 ptsWhat should healthcare organizations rely on for their planning requirements in terms of addressing their community’s specific health needs? Group of answer choicesA. The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)B. The Local Health Needs Report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)C. The Special Needs Plan from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)D. The American Community Survey from the U.S. Census BureauE. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 6Question 65 ptsWhich of the following are identified as recommended steps in performing an efficient self-assessment of cultural competence in an organization?  (Choose all that apply).Group of answer choicesA. Developing a timelineB. Getting the support of managementC. Interviewing patients to gauge their satisfactionD. Utilizing current employees in place of a formal committeeE. All of the items listedF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 7Question 75 ptsWhich members of a healthcare organization should undergo cultural competency training to prevent the risk of failed care? Group of answer choicesA. Every employeeB. Every managerC. Every healthcare professionalD. Every patientE. Every medical supplier of the organizationE. All of the items listed Flag question: Question 8Question 85 pts What are qualified medical interpreters trained to do? (Choose all that apply). Group of answer choicesA. Treat the limited English proficient patientB. Guide both the English-deficient patient and provider to a mutual understandingC. Instruct the LEP patient on enough English to respond to the providerD. Discern the cultural nuances to be able to act in an appropriate mannerE. All of the items listedF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 9Question 95 pts What is the type of situation where patients exhibit attitudes or behaviors that unduly stress the clinical staff?  Group of answer choicesA. Difficult patient encountersB. Patient outburstsC. Disrespectful behaviorsD. Difficult behavior Flag question: Question 10Question 105 ptsWhich is not a preventable disease recommended by the CDC for vaccinations in children? Group of answer choicesA. MumpsB. RubellaC. MalariaD. MeaslesE. ChickenpoxF. All of the items listed are recommended by the CDC Flag question: Question 11Question 115 ptsWhat is the name of the system where employees of an HCO are held accountable for the quality of their choices and for reporting errors? Group of answer choicesA. The Honor SystemB. A Just CultureC. Culturally Competent OrganizationD. An Accountable Care OrganizationE. Any JCAHO-accredited ProviderF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 12Question 125 ptsWhat is the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, HEDIS? Group of answer choicesA. A database of preventable-disease vaccinations administered in HCOsB. A listing of high performing healthcare organizationsC. A collection of health measures that are covered by specific facilitiesD. A set of performance measures to allow for the comparison of health plan performanceE. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 13Question 135 ptsWhat is the largest source of violence in healthcare settings? Group of answer choicesA. Patient family members and visitorsB. CoworkersC. PatientsD. Criminal suspects and inmatesE. Contract workersF. None of the items listed Flag question: Question 14Question 145 ptsWho or what employee-class experienced the highest rate of violent injuries that resulted in days away from work? Group of answer choicesA. Nursing assistantsB. Registered nursesC. Physician assistantsD. Transportation aidesE. Psychiatric aidesF. Nursing studentsG. None of the items listed — 



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