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1016.   Question 11.4 PointsThe B-lymphocyte Is thymus derived. Matures in the thymus gland in all birds and mammals. When activated will divide and form specialized plasma cells which produce antibodies.  Engages in a spectrum of immune functions characterized as cell-mediated immunity. Question 21.4 PointsThe absence of hemolysis on a blood agar plate is referred to as _______ hemolysis Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Question 31.4 PointsMicrobial resistance to drugs is acquired through Conjugation Transformation Transduction All of these answers contribute Question 41.4 PointsThe field of study in which medicine and microbiology intersect is known as medical microbiology True False Question 51.4 PointsAll of the following are methods that can be used to isolate bacteria from a mixed culture EXCEPT Streak plating Loop dilution pour plating Gram staining Serial dilution followed by spread plating Question 61.4 PointsThe progeny cells of a B cell clone are called Antibodies. Activated macrophages. Sensitized T cells. Bursa cells. Plasma cells.  Question 71.4 PointsMannitol salt agar is used to select strains of staphylococci from streptococci and enterococci within the sample. True False Question 81.4 PointsBefore attempting to identify an unknown bacterial species using traditional methods, the organism must be isolated in a pure culture. True False Question 91.4 PointsNatural passive immunity involves the passing of antibodies from mother to infant and acts immediately but is short-lived. True False Question 101.4 PointsKey historical discoveries leading to the field of medical microbiology include all but which of the following: Koch’s postulates Lister’s development of aseptic technique Mendel’s principles of genetics Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of animalcules under the microscope Question 111.4 PointsAny clear zone of inhibition around an antibiotic disc being used for identification is a clear indication that the organism is sensitive to the antibiotic. True False Question 121.4 PointsA vaccine that contains a protein conjugated to a capsule polysaccharide is called Acellular Attenuated Conjugate Subunit Question 131.4 PointsFive classes of antibodies include IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, and IgE IgA, IgB, IgD, IgE, and IgM IgB, IgC, IgD, IgE, and IgM IgG, IgB, IgM, IgD, and IgE Question 141.4 PointsThe _________ test involves using rabbit plasma as a reagent and its results are determined by observation of thickening of the medium. Catalase Oxidase Coagulase Peroxidase Question 151.4 PointsThe majority of white blood cells in circulation include Neutrophils and lymphocytes. Eosinophils and basophils. Macrophages. Erythrocytes. Question 161.4 PointsCharacteristics of an ideal antimicrobial drug include all EXCEPT Toxic to the specific microbe but nontoxic to the host Readily delivered to the site of infection Does not lead to the development of antimicrobial resistance Easy to administer but able to reach the infectious agent anywhere in the body All of the answers are correct Question 171.4 PointsInfections that are more common during pregnancy include all the following EXCEPT Malaria Urinary tract infections Candidiasis Poliomyelitis Syphilis Question 181.4 PointsHow do you determine the species of an unknown bacterium? You should make a careful investigation of the morphology of the bacterial cells using a microscope to make a firm identification. You need to quantify the number of bacteria in the same to determine the species. Identification can only be made based on the patient’s signs and symptoms. You use standard tests and pre-existing knowledge to classify the bacterium. Question 191.4 PointsType I hypersensitivities include Hay fever Hemolytic disease of newborns Celiac disease Graft rejection Question 201.4 PointsA vaccine that contains living, non-virulent strains of a microbe is called Acellular Attenuated Inactivated Toxoid Question 211.4 PointsThe composition of a person’s microbiome may have an important influence on the occurrence of autoimmune disorders. True False Question 221.4 PointsWhich test uses a medium that is both selective and differential for gram-negative lactose fermenters and non-lactose fermenters? MacConkey agar Mannitol salt agar Coagulase test Bile esculin hydrolysis Question 231.4 PointsThe least numerous of all white blood cells that release histamine during inflammation and allergic reactions are Monocytes. Basophils. Lymphocytes. Eosinophils. Neutrophils. Question 241.4 PointsMedical Microbiology includes all but which of the following Pathology Immunology Epidemiology Phycology/algology Bacteriology Question 251.4 PointsThe specificity of an antibody is due to The constant portions of the H and L chains. The L chains. The variable portions of the H and L chains. Its valence. The H chains. Do you have additional content? You can add text, images, and files that support your answers.Add Content Details & Information Assessment due date6/13/21, 11:59 PM (CDT) Time limit50 minutes Automatic submission Attempts1 attempt left GradingMaximum points35 pointsDescriptionActivity Time: 50 minutes; Additional Time for Study, Research, and Reflection: 1 hour and 40 minutes 50 minutes remaining Save and Close Submit 50 minutes remaining



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